We’re continually working to develop the features of our voting software to provide all our clients with the very best functionality for everyone that uses our software.

We’ve recently released a brand new version of Mi-Voice to bring all our users an EVEN BETTER voting experience.


Here are just a few of the developments that we’ve made:

  • IMPROVED user interface making our software even easier to navigate and click to vote
  • ENHANCED customisation puts you in control of what users see
  • TAILORED branding & text display ensuring all voting material is on brand for you
  • RANKING summary providing you with even more insight
  • WEIGHTED voting delivers more complex voting capabilities should your electorate need it

Whilst we’re always developing the functionality of our software we always have one thing at the front of our mind. To provide the simplest, most efficient voting experience from both a set-up and delivery perspective, ensuring all users of our software can enjoy quick and convenient voting that enhances participation.

If you’d like to know more about the improvements we’ve made, we’d be happy to walk you through them at a convenient time for you. Simply get in touch by calling 02380 763 980 or emailing us at enquiries@mi-voice.com.