Student Unions  
  We have been providing e-voting services to Student Unions since 2009. Our clients include student unions  from Oxford University, the Open University, Lancaster University, University of Surrey and Newcastle University.   Mi-Voice is typically licensed on an annual basis; allowing a Union to conduct as many elections, referendums and surveys as required. Our e-voting platform supports Single Transferable Vote (ERS 97), the Alternative Vote and First Past the Post voting methodologies.   Uses include:

  • Election of officers
  • Common room elections
  • Club and Society elections
  • Union wide referendums
  • Course rep elections
Benefits of Mi-Voice’s e-voting platform:
  • Unlimited use; system can be used for as many events as required for period of license
  • Optimised to increase turnout; Mi-Voice integrates with social media platforms to ensure an event is promoted to the widest possible audience
  • Real time reporting; allows an administrator to determine exactly what is happening with their election, instantly
  • Quick and easy to use; simple, intuitive interface enables events to be set up quickly and securely
  • Flexibility; Mi-Voice can operate as a stand alone e-voting platform, or it can be integrated with existing University/Union systems for voter authentication
Our other services which may interest student unions include our hustings and nominations offerings.