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AGM, Conference & Board Meeting Voting

Ideal for use in voting during General Meetings, Conferences, Board Meetings or any event that requires a secure, auditable result of voting.

The Mi-Voice voting feature allows participants to automatically access any votes they are eligible to vote in, only vote on items at the specified time during the meeting and do so once.

The Mi-Voice Voting App for Zoom works with Zoom Meetings and Zoom Webinar. Never has it been so easy for virtual meetings to engage with meeting participants on voting matters using the Mi-Voice Voting App for Zoom.

Meeting & voting all in one window

The Mi-Voice Voting App for Zoom meetings ensures voting for your next AGM, EGM, SGM, Conference or Board/Committee meetings can take place securely within Zoom, without the need to leave the meeting and use alternative technology to vote.

Simple to use

Authentication between Zoom and Mi-Voice is automatic, ensuring that all a participant needs to do is open the Mi-Voice Voting App for Zoom to access any votes they are eligible to vote in.

Participants are more readily engaged in the decision-making process than ever before. Voting articles can be presented in detail and voted on in real-time, allowing organisations to manage their in-meeting voting with confidence, knowing that only attendees eligible to vote will be able to do so, with a verifiable outcome available immediately during the meeting.

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Voting on your terms – including complex voting scenarios

Mi-Voice supports a wide range of voting scenarios, weighted voting, the ability to hide/ unhide voting items, present voting items based on pre-determined criteria and present results to the Chair in real-time.

Attendees attending any meeting in person can also vote using Mi-Voice, ensuring the consolidation of votes from both virtual and physical attendees seamlessly.

Save time & money

The in-Zoom Mi-Voice voting feature further facilitates organisations to utilise secure virtual meeting voting technology within Zoom, allowing voting to take place cost-effectively on a global scale.

Want to get started?

Get in touch with Mi-Voice to advise us of your Zoom voting needs. Depending on how complex your voting requirements are, Mi-Voice can set up voting on your behalf, including managing voting during your Zoom meeting.

Alternatively, we can provide a self-service license, as well as a short training session, allowing you to manage everything.

Contact us at +44 (0)2380 763 980 or email enquiries@mi-voice.com to discuss your meeting requirements.

Please note that the set-up and management of voting are managed through the Mi-Voice administration system (a separate license is required, please contact enquiries@mi-voice.com for further information).

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Multi-channel voting

Postal, online, telephone, SMS and/or in person – every vote matters.

Mi-Voice Managed service

Managed service

Delivering your election requirements on your behalf.


Provides you with the ability to manage your own vote online, simply and cost effectively.

Mi-Voice Voting tailored to your-needs

Voting tailored to your needs

Tell us your election needs and we can customise our service accordingly.

Customisable voting platform

Our online voting platform is fully customisable, supporting a wide range of voting scenarios.

Mi-Voice Social media friendly

Social media friendly

Broaden your election campaign reach and widen participation across all technology and social media.

Mi-Voice Real time reporting

Real-time reporting

Keep up to date with every stage of your vote with our clear and concise reporting dashboard.

Mi-Voice Single use annual license

Single use or annual licence

Our software is available for single use or can be subscribed to annually.

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