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Mi-Voice’s web based nomination platform is a user friendly, secure application that has been designed specifically for online (PC/tablet & mobile) applications, ensuring your nominations run smoothly and fairly, whilst significantly reducing your workload.


  • Customisable nomination platform for a professional appearance
  • Design, production and distribution of online and/or postal nomination forms
  • Automated supporter/ proposer/ seconder workflow
  • Upload candidate profiles, images and videos
  • Save feature
  • Vetting of prospective candidates
  • Candidate briefing, training and workshops to drive success
  • Real-time reporting through a secure dashboard
  • PC, tablet and mobile friendly


  • Reduced administrative effort for the organisation
  • Simple process for candidates to nominate themselves – typically resulting in a higher number of individuals standing for election, improving democratic participation
  • Improved planning – our dashboard allows an organisation to gauge the level of interest/ participation in a nominations process, including support for candidates
  • Impartial support to candidates throughout the process

We’ll take care of the whole process, from start to finish to ensure a reliable and secure nomination process for your organisation.

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Multi-channel voting

Postal, online, telephone, SMS and/or in person – every vote matters.

Mi-Voice Managed service

Managed service

Delivering your election requirements on your behalf.


Provides you with the ability to manage your own vote online, simply and cost effectively.

Mi-Voice Voting tailored to your-needs

Voting tailored to your needs

Tell us your election needs and we can customise our service accordingly.

Customisable voting platform

Our online voting platform is fully customisable, supporting a wide range of voting scenarios.

Mi-Voice Social media friendly

Social media friendly

Broaden your election campaign reach and widen participation across all technology and social media.

Mi-Voice Real time reporting

Real-time reporting

Keep up to date with every stage of your vote with our clear and concise reporting dashboard.

Mi-Voice Single use annual license

Single use or annual licence

Our software is available for single use or can be subscribed to annually.

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