Example of young people using Mi-Voice online voting for their elections in education.

Keeping your organisation’s governance moving with remote voting

Mi-Voice can ensure your voting process runs smoothly whatever is going on in the world, from anywhere in the world.

Our secure online nomination and voting platform allows nominations and proxy/advance voting, so that the governance of your organisation can continue to run effectively and without disruption during these challenging times.

Turning your events round quickly

We know first-hand how changes in circumstances can impact even the best made plans. We have already supported a number of organisations that have had to re-evaluate the best way to manage voting at their AGM, switching to an “on the day” online voting process, which allowed for the continuation of the organisation’s governance.

Keeping things running smoothly

Our secure e-voting platform is one of the most comprehensive online e-voting platforms available on the market. We’ll take care of everything on your behalf, contacting members, providing support and declaring the result, so that membership business continues to run smoothly and meet constitutional deadlines.

Multi-channel voting – combine online voting with postal

Our multi-channel voting services allow you to combine modern balloting services with traditional postal ballots ensuring inclusivity across your membership but also reducing unnecessary wastage and costs through the use of online balloting.

You’re in safe hands

We pride ourselves on the service we offer our clients, ensuring their election needs are met and we make every effort to enhance engagement and participation of your members.

Our team of election experts can offer you impartial advice and we can tailor our services to meet complex voting scenarios where required.

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Multi-channel voting

Postal, online, telephone, SMS and/or in person – every vote matters.

Mi-Voice Managed service

Managed service

Delivering your election requirements on your behalf.


Provides you with the ability to manage your own vote online, simply and cost effectively.

Mi-Voice Voting tailored to your-needs

Voting tailored to your needs

Tell us your election needs and we can customise our service accordingly.

Customisable voting platform

Our online voting platform is fully customisable, supporting a wide range of voting scenarios.

Mi-Voice Social media friendly

Social media friendly

Broaden your election campaign reach and widen participation across all technology and social media.

Mi-Voice Real time reporting

Real-time reporting

Keep up to date with every stage of your vote with our clear and concise reporting dashboard.

Mi-Voice Single use annual license

Single use or annual licence

Our software is available for single use or can be subscribed to annually.

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