Mi-Voice offers 2 types of service to University Governance Teams:

  1. Complete outsourced: We manage the entire electoral process on behalf of the University, including set up of online/postal channels, distribution of ballots, collation of votes and declaration of result.
  2. Self service: We license our e-voting platform to the University, allowing the Governance Team to set-up and run as many events as required following training from Mi-Voice.
  3. Which service is right for you depends on the resources and expertise available within the Governance Team.   To date we have worked with Essex, Glasgow Caledonian and Manchester University, who have used our e-voting platform for:

    • Academic Staff Elections
    • Senate Elections
    • General Assembly Elections
    • Faculty Elections

      Benefits of Mi-Voice’s e-voting platform:

    • Unlimited use; system can be used for as many events as required for period of license
    • Optimised to increase turnout; Mi-Voice integrates with social media platforms to ensure an event is promoted to the widest possible audience
    • Real time reporting; allows an administrator to determine exactly what is happening with their election, instantly
    • Quick and easy to use; simple, intuitive interface ensures events can be set up quickly and securely (for Universities that decide to purchase a self service license)
    • Flexibility; Mi-Voice can operate as a stand alone e-voting platform or it can be integrated with existing University/Union systems for voter authentication