Someone placing their postal ballot into a ballot box.

Our philosophy is all about inclusion and participation. We therefore provide a full postal balloting option which can be distributed to all or part of your membership, or if appropriate only to those individuals that request one.

Driving your costs down!

Rather than distribute postal votes to your entire membership or organisation which can be costly and wasteful, Mi-Voice can provide a postal ballot request service that allows members to call, write or email us to request a postal communication to participate in the process.

Leave all the administration to us as we manage all the processes involved, from postage to collating the returns, we can manage all aspects of your election.


  • Design of postal vote that’s tailored to your organisation
  • Optional postal ballot request line available to reduce costs
  • Data cleaning and management of your electoral roll
  • Distribution of postal votes
  • A range of different reply services
  • Receipt, scanning & validation of postal returns
  • Impartial support to membership
  • Real-time reporting
  • Add online, telephone, SMS & In-person voting where required


  • Mi-Voice project manage the whole process, reducing administrative burden
  • Postal communication designed to encourage individuals to vote online as opposed to returning their postal ballot, therefore significantly reducing costs
  • Environmentally friendly

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Multi-channel voting

Postal, online, telephone, SMS and/or in person – every vote matters.

Mi-Voice Managed service

Managed service

Delivering your election requirements on your behalf.


Provides you with the ability to manage your own vote online, simply and cost effectively.

Mi-Voice Voting tailored to your-needs

Voting tailored to your needs

Tell us your election needs and we can customise our service accordingly.

Customisable voting platform

Our online voting platform is fully customisable, supporting a wide range of voting scenarios.

Mi-Voice Social media friendly

Social media friendly

Broaden your election campaign reach and widen participation across all technology and social media.

Mi-Voice Real time reporting

Real-time reporting

Keep up to date with every stage of your vote with our clear and concise reporting dashboard.

Mi-Voice Single use annual license

Single use or annual licence

Our software is available for single use or can be subscribed to annually.

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