Youth Services

Mi-Voice’s very first e-voting project was for Southampton City Council’s UKYP election in 2006.  
  Since then we have conducted a wide variety of youth engagement activities, including elections for Youth Councils, Youth Parliament and Young Mayors, as well as facilitating referendums and surveys.   Our largest ballot to date was for the British Youth Council’s ‘Make Your Mark’ campaign in 2013; where we printed and distributed one million ballot papers.   Last year Mi-Voice was also appointed by the Commonwealth Office to manage the inaugural election of the Commonwealth Youth Council, where over 50 countries participated in the election of the Council’s first ever President.   Other clients include Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Portsmouth, Hillingdon, Barnet and East Sussex Councils.  
Benefits include:
  1. Comprehensive service that allows Youth workers to focus on the training of candidates and promotion of the election, rather than on dealing with administrative issues
  2. Ability to support hybrid election (paper and online); ensuring most appropriate form of voting based on area/school profile
  3. One person, one vote; through the use of a unique voting code each voter can only cast their vote once – ensuring a fair and transparent election
  4. User friendly ballot interface that supports candidate photos, videos and manifestos
  5. Elimination of the need to distribute, collect and count paper ballots, where online voting is primary method of voting – saving valuable staff time
  6. Online platform integrates with social media applications; helping to promote the event and drive turnout
  7. Survey functionality that can be combined with ballot, to gain valuable insight into young people’s issues in your area
  8. Real time reporting on turnout of election, allowing an organisation to fully understand voting patterns/behaviour
  9. Peace of mind; dedicated, customer focused support to voter, school and authority
  1. Set-up of online election
  2. Design, production and distribution of election material
    • ballot papers
    • stickers
    • posters
  3. Reporting on turnout by school/ polling station
  4. Creation of election marketing page to help assist in the promotion of the event
  5. Declaration of result
  6. Integration with social media platforms
  7. Support for Authority, schools and voters