We’re delighted to be a panelist on the MemberWise webcast!

Tuesday 8th March at 11am

MemberWise webcast headingOne of the biggest challenges for delivering effective governance is ensuring all stakeholders can have their say. When covid hit the world, organisations had no choice but to adapt to change, switching to virtual and/or hybrid meetings to ensure effective governance and adhere to social distancing for their general meetings or halt their meetings altogether.

Whilst we’re still in a time of uncertainty when it comes to large in-person meetings, for those organisations that did make the switch to a virtual/hybrid meeting they have found it has worked much more effectively than meeting in-person, reaping the associated benefits of reduced costs, greater participation, and a significantly reduced carbon footprint through the elimination of travel!

This webcast will take you through the benefits and challenges of running a virtual/hybrid general meeting, including key steps that are crucial in helping you to deliver an effective meeting in a secure and virtual environment. We’ll share how to manage advance and in meeting voting securely, whilst ensuring a fair contest and share a real-life case study so that you are equipped to deliver effective governance for your organisation.

Learning objectives:

  • To understand how a virtual and hybrid meeting works and the benefits for membership organisations
  • The AGM voting process and options available for managing voting effectively
  • Security & cost considerations for running a virtual or hybrid meeting
  • How to drive engagement and enhance participation online
  • Mistakes to avoid so your meeting runs smoothly

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