Working remotely has become the new normal and we’ve been working tirelessly to support new and existing clients to deliver their voting processes effectively from afar. With more and more organisations adjusting to hosting remote AGM’s we’ve been busy developing our voting platform to make it even easier to deliver effective governance and keep members engaged remotely during lockdown.

Timing is everything

Mi-Voice’s voting platform puts you in complete control of any voting element required during your meeting. Put simply, you dictate what is being presented to the audience to be voted on and when. Our platform allows an organisation to follow a normal meeting agenda, allowing the Chair to manage the voting process much the same as if it were a physical meeting. Results of a previous poll can be displayed to participants and the Chair has the means to create additional polls where required.

More than just voting

Our nomination and election software allows you to tailor your voting requirements with a combination of advance proxy and/or on the day voting on key resolutions, but also offering flexibility for members to have more of a say in matters by raising items of interest that members can vote on during an AGM.

Giving members more choice

Traditionally when stakeholders cannot attend an AGM/EGM or SGM they can appoint a proxy to vote on their behalf. However, with more virtual meetings taking place voters can register to attend the virtual meeting itself, voting remotely in real-time once they have listened to discussions to inform their decision.

If you’re interested in seeing how remote voting could work for your organisation take a look here