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Organisation Générale des Amateurs de l’Eurovision (OGAE) International is the largest Eurovision Song Contest fan network in the world with member clubs from Iceland to Australia. When the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest was cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic, OGAE  approached Mi-Voice to help them connect fans around the world who wanted to celebrate the artists who couldn’t compete in Rotterdam and have their say on which song should have won this year’s contest.

What they needed

OGAE needed a voting system to enable anyone who was interested to register to vote in the OGAE Eurovision Fan Contest and to cast their vote securely and quickly using our online voting platform, enabling them to easily access each of the videos of the competing artists.

The solution

Mi-Voice created a GDPR compliant voter registration site that was publicised by member clubs in their own countries. When registration was complete, Mi-Voice shared a secure online voting link with those who had registered so they could vote for their favourite song. In a similar way to the real contest, votes from members of the public were combined with those from members of the national clubs to produce the overall result.

The winners of the Eurovision Fan Contest 2020 powered by Mi-Voice were Lithuanian group The Roop with their song ‘On Fire’. OGAE International presented the final results on YouTube.

What they say

“When looking for a partner for our OGAE Eurovision Fan Contest, Mi-Voice quickly appeared to be a fantastic partner to work with. They are responsive, fast, patient, professional and extremely enjoyable to collaborate with. This has been one of the most efficient and fruitful collaborations I have had the pleasure to participate in. Tony is an excellent project partner and I highly recommend Mi-Voice.”

Anthony Cigé, Secretary, OGAE International