The nomination process is the start of the democratic process. It determines who can stand, what they are standing for and how they can submit their application. It should ideally explain why it is important to stand and also encourage individuals to participate.   Mi-Voice’s nomination service has been designed to provide a seamless process for prospective candidates to submit their application, either online or by post.   Organisations including B&Q and the Society of Dyers and Colourists have used Mi-Voice’s online nomination product to invite members and employees to stand for election.   The online service ensures candidates submit their correct submission; streamlining a process which often involves frequent discussions and chasing between the electing organisation and prospective candidates. The online form can also be configured to capture the associated election material required.   The online process is supplemented by a paper/postal form which can be distributed by Mi-Voice, for any member who does not wish to apply online. All postal returns can be assessed by Mi-Voice, to ensure they meet the required criteria to stand.   Mi-Voice can assist in the design of nomination forms to ensure:

  1. The form encourages individuals to participate in the process through an engaging design which clearly explains why it is important to stand for election
  2. The form captures information relevant to the election (and is not just a chronological list of the candidates career/achievements); helping to portray the candidates favourably, based on what they are going to do, not necessarily on what they have done
By positively presenting the nomination process and by positioning the candidate information in a clear format to assist the electorate, we believe the quality of candidates, their information and subsequently the election itself will be improved.