Hustings A hustings event allows an electorate to find out more about the election candidates and how they perform in public. It also allows the candidates to highlight specific issues that they are campaigning/standing for.   Many membership organisations do not organise hustings due to the fact that only a small number of the electorate can attend the event and it is therefore not considered a cost effective means of engagement.   Mi-Voice believes that hustings offer an excellent opportunity for the electorate to really get to know the candidates, enabling them to make an informed decision about who they are voting for. We have therefore developed a service that allows the electorate to easily view and participate before, during and after the event.   This is done by broadcasting the event online. Questions can be submitted online prior and during the event and candidates can also field questions from the floor. The entire event is recorded, so that members who were not able attend the meeting can view the event before voting.   Mi-Voice will manage the entire process on your behalf. All that is required is a room sufficient to hold the candidates and members who wish to attend the event in person, plus an internet connection.   Please contact us for further information.