Mi-Voice’s e-voting platform is designed to allow organisations
to set-up and manage their own ballots.
  Originally launched in 2006, and now on Version 3.2, our e-voting platform
(Mi-Voice Participation), is one of the most comprehensive self-service e-voting platforms available on the market.
Used by Professional Bodies, Charities, Trade Unions, Local Authorities and Student Unions, the system is ideal for organisations that run numerous ballots.   Benefits of our platform include:
  1. Unlimited Use; run as many elections, ballots or surveys as required for one low cost, annual fee
  2. Quick and easy to set-up events
  3. Secure and open participation models
  4. Support for multiple voting methodologies including STV & AV
  5. Social media ready
  6. Real time reporting
  7. Dedicated support team
  8. Automatic generation of event marketing pages
  9. Fully hosted survey and voting platform, based in the UK
“Please also pass on my congratulations to the voting company for the best online voting system I have yet come across.”   Institute of Physics Election
Professor Margaret J. Cox OBE, KCF
  Mi-Voice can be licensed on an annual basis, allowing an organisation to set-up an unlimited number of events, or alternatively for a single event. Both options include full support.