Welcome Tony!

Mi-Voice is delighted to announce that Tony Slater has joined the company as Delivery Director. Below, Tony provides a little more insight into his passion for elections and his role at Mi-Voice…

“Watching the 1983 British General Election unfold on television as an 11-year-old ignited a life long passion for politics, elections and the importance of democracy, which I have been fortunate to turn into my career.

During 24 years in elections I have worked with emerging political parties in Central and Eastern Europe, managed election campaigns in the UK and Ireland and supported hundreds of organisations large and small in running their internal elections, ballots and consultations.

My role at Mi-Voice includes supporting charities, companies, housing providers, NHS Trusts, pension funds, political parties, student unions and trade unions with their electoral, engagement and membership challenges. Whether it is implementing online voting for the first time, changing your voting system or an election, AGM or consultation, I aim to provide practical, common sense guidance to help ensure a fair outcome and engaged participants. If you would like to have a chat about how my colleagues and I can use our experience to meet your democratic challenges (or you simply want to know the result in Bristol East in 1983) please get in touch.”

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