Record turnout achieved in CIHT Election

The Chartered Institution of Highways & Transportation (CIHT) decided to take an alternative approach to its Election of Officers and Council in 2015.

Traditionally the Institute had run a paper based process for both nominations and voting. This involved the distribution of postal ballots to its 10,000 members and resulted in a turnout around the 10% mark. The process was deemed to be resource intensive and expensive for the level of participation being achieved.

In October 2014 the CIHT appointed Mi-Voice to create an online nomination site and to also manage the voting process on behalf of the Institute with the intention of reducing costs, increasing participation and adding legitimacy to the result of the election through the appointment of an independent elections specialist.

A successful nominations period closed in February 2015 with 8 candidates putting themselves forward for election.

All members with an e-mail address were invited to vote online with the remainder sent a postal ballot. By optimizing the e-channel the CIHT were able to reduce costs associated with the printing and posting of ballot papers whilst offering a more convenient, secure method of voting for its members.

Voting closed in May with the CIHT achieving a turnout of 21.1%, over double the number of votes recorded in previous years.

Brian Murrell, Director of Corporate Services of the CIHT had the following to say:

“CIHT carried out its first online elections in 2015 and choose Mi-Voice as its partner to manage the process. Mi-Voice have provided a first class service and I would be happy to recommend them to any organisation thinking of using their services. It was a very successful process for us where we managed to double the turnout and save internal time both in preparing for the election and conducting the count.

Mi-Voice were helpful, flexible and attentive to our requirement. I worked with the same person throughout and this was very valuable.

We will use Mi-Voice again based on this positive experience.”